What NOT to Do When Planning a Greater Boston Re-Roofing Project

When looking for a Greater Boston Area roofing contractor, avoid some common mistakes when planning your roofing services. These errors can waste time and money, while potentially causing hassle and headache for homeowners.

Putting priority on price.

Don’t fall for the mistake of skimping on quality for a more appealing price; you really don’t want to risk a shoddy or sub-par roof to save a few dollars during your roofing project. In actuality, a lesser-quality roof could end up costing you far more later, in terms of water damage, property damage, and overall compromise to the integrity of your home’s structure.

Skipping a written estimate.

Another error is to not get a written estimate when roofing contractors come to your property to look-over and give you an estimate of what it will cost to repair or replace your home’s roof. Get this in writing so that you will have proof and costs cannot bloat or inflate later-on, which can wreak havoc on your budget.

Things to Avoid When Planning for a Re-Roofing Project

Failing to sign a contract.

If you don’t have a signed contract with your roofing contractor, you could be getting yourself in trouble. A contract ensures a legal obligation and commitment to you, the customer, which will stand-up in a court of law if you are displeased with the outcome. Get a signed agreement and contract to avoid ambiguity, miscommunication, and possible misunderstanding.

Being unfamiliar with your roofer.

You could be at fault for roofing conundrums if you fail to check out the reputation and experience of your roofer. This can easily be accomplished with some online research and can go a long way to avoid the scammers and less-reputable roofing vendors.

These four pitfalls can occur when planning both residential and commercial roofing projects. Refer to online reviews, databases, and sites that offer insight into commercial applications to find the best contractor for your Greater Boston re-roofing job.

Contact Our Trusted Greater Boston Area Roofing Contractor for Help

Don’t let yourself fall for issues that stem from these four things to avoid; document and maintain records to establish pricing and stay on top of your roofing project. For a reputable and qualified Greater Boston roofing company, contact the professionals at TekRoof. Our MetroWest roofing contractor offers quality work for a competitive price. While striving to meet customer’s expectations when it comes to a new and reliable roof. Contact us online today via our online contact form, or by calling 1-833-TEKROOF (835-7663).

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