Mold is a serious threat to any home. Not only it can damage your walls and floors, but it can also impair your indoor air quality. When left unaddressed, it can produce allergens and irritants that can trigger health problems.

It’s difficult to completely remove mold from your home, but there are ways to keep it from wreaking havoc. This includes making sure there are no active leaks or areas where moisture is accumulating. A good place to start is by checking your roof regularly. In today’s post, TekRoof your local roofing specialist, discusses everything you need to know.

How Mold Grows Through Roof Leaks

Mold requires moisture to grow and thrive. If there is a prolonged roof leak, moisture can build up in your attic space. Combine this with insufficient ventilation and your attic becomes a breeding ground for mold growth. Mold can infiltrate deep into the wood rafters, thus weakening the structure over time.

Ways to Prevent Mold

The key to keeping mold at bay is to control moisture inside your home. This includes maintaining proper ventilation in high-moisture areas like the attic. Here are other cost-effective solutions:

Immediate Roof Repairs.

As soon as you spot a leak, contact a professional to perform a prompt roof repair. Make it a habit to look for problems, like damaged or missing shingles and water spots on the ceiling.

Routine Maintenance.

Having a reliable contractor inspect your roof at least twice a year will help you get ahead of leaks and other issues. In turn, you’ll save money from costly repairs and premature replacement.

Gutter Cleaning.

Gutters play a key role in maintaining your home’s well-being by channeling water away from your property. It’s important to clean them at least twice a year or after a storm to prevent clogs.

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