Metal Roofs

One of the biggest investments as a homeowner is your roof. Replacing or repairing your roof can be pricey, but can’t be put off since it protects us from outside elements. Metal Roofs are becoming very popular due to being very durable and energy efficient. A metal roof isn’t like any other roof, which means there should never be excess water on your roof for an extended period of time.

Why Choose a Metal Roof:

Metals roofs are long lasting. A metal roof needs to be installed correctly, so don’t just call anyone call TekRoof. A metal roof can last 65+ years or longer. Price wise, it can be pricier than a shingle roof but you wont need to replace or repair it often. The roof itself is able to resist cracking when you live in an area that is both extremely cold and then very hot in the summer.

Like before metal roofs are cost effective, meaning that having a shingle roof installed can have the possibility to be repair two or three times a year in the matter of 40 years while metal roofs have the lifespan of over 65 years.

They are environmentally friendly. A shingle is made out of paper, and minerals as well as tar, and other petroleum products. Some companies use discarded asphalt shingles, but for the most part, old shingles are not recycled or biodegradable. As a petroleum-based product, they are not sustainable for the environment. A metal roof can be made up of 30% recycled metals, so if you need to replace the roof, then it can be recycled again so it stays out of landfills.

Signs of a Rook Leak in Your Metal Roof:

Improper Installation:

Roofing companies like TekRoof requires certified contractors that have knowledge and techniques that are required to have a proper installation. If your roof isn’t properly installed, the seams of your roof can lift up and have water leak into your home.

  • Rust Damage

  • Puncture Holes

  • Loose Screws

  • Decaying Sealants

  • Water Running Under Caps

  • Roof Panels That Are Misplaced