Do I Need A Roof Repair?

Your roof provides a very important function for your home: protection. When it’s damaged, your home is left open to the mercy of nature. Don’t let your home suffer as a result of missing shingles or other needed roof repairs. Instead call TekRoof as soon as you can. But what if you aren’t sure that your roof is impaired? Here are five signs that you may need roof repair. Use these tips to help identify when your roof needs attention.

Broken or missing shingles

Regardless of the number of shingles that are broken or missing, you need to contact a roofing contractor. Shingles are the protective layer between your attic and the outdoor elements. Broken or missing shingles can be a job that needs to be fixed soon. They can cause problems in the future ifyou put off getting them replaced or checked.

Damaged flashing

When your flashing is damaged, it’s likely that your roof will have suffered damage, too. Moisture damage often is the result of damaged flashing.

Water stains

Water stains inside your home can stem from many different problems, like your plumbing. However, the culprit could also be your roof. If you notice any odd discoloration on the walls and ceilings of your home, be sure to give us a call.


Plant growth is never a good thing when it’s happening on your roof. Be especially wary of moss that’s growing on your shingles, since it traps in moisture. The more moss on your roof, can be devastating to your roof.

Sagging roof

A sagging roof is cause for serious concern. It’s a major indication that your roof may be falling apart. Depending on the extent of damage, your roof could only need repairs or it cold require a full replacement. Many people need to more aware of a sagging roof. The roof itself can collapse if it is pushed off for to long. As roofing companies we do not want anything bad to happen to the owners themselves.

If you notice any these signs, give TekRoof a call. We’ll be there to help your roof when it’s in need!

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