Your client needs their house sold as soon as possible. It’s been raining hard all week though, and a wet spot just appeared over the dining room table…Avoid this nightmare. Learn to spot early signs of roof weakness. Prevent frustrating delays for yourself and your client.

Here are three signs of an impending leak on your roof:


Flashing is thin metal placed near appliances, chimneys and anything that breaks the roof surface. It prevents leaks at the weak points in the roof, making it an easy target for water when something goes wrong. Look for bent, cracked or rusted flashing and have it replaced as soon as possible.


One of the most commonly missed leak points. Shingles that are rotting, broken or missing are an invitation for water to invade the home. This is a sign of roof weakness. Be thorough in your search. If you see a suspect shingle, have it replaced as soon as possible, and be sure to inspect the area below for any damage that may have already been caused.


Complex roofs are prone to additional problems. Watch for debris buildup, rotten shingles and breakage in the valleys and corners of a complex roof. Catching signs of a potential problem early will save you and your client time and money down the road.

Already have a leak?

Don’t panic. TekRoof is a Greater Boston residential roofing company that offers all home roof repair services. We know small roof leaks and damage can quickly add up to larger issues and even larger repair costs if they are not taken care of in a timely fashion.

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