Drone Benefits in the Roofing Industry

Drones first came on the scene for use in the military, but have since become a useful tool for masses. Drones are essentially small flying machines controlled by a remote. Most drones now have high definition cameras that can take aerial videos and photos. Roofers are starting to use drones for inspection and design purposes because of their many benefits:

Drone Eliminates the Need for Risky Roof Inspection

Roof inspectors can use drone technology to get a good look at the condition of a roof without ever leaving the ground. They simply fly the drone above the house,  take photos or video, and then fly the drone back down. Using a drone is a safe way to inspect a roof and it only takes a few minutes. Using drone technology reduces liability and the possibility of a lawsuit for homeowners and roofers alike.

When roofers come to inspect a roof, they typically arrive in small teams or alone. Setting up a ladder on unstable ground to inspect a tricky nook is unsafe.

In many cases, roofs that require inspection are in rough shape from either a torrential storm or years of erosion. Using drones to inspect before anyone attempts to go on the roof allows roofers to identify weak spots without jeopardizing their safety.

Drone Inspect Where the Ladder Can’t Reach

Many homes have roofs with sharp corners and angled window ledges that are inaccessible with typical inspection equipment. Inspectors can work around problematic areas to get a good look at the work that needs to be done by using a drone.

Detailed Reporting

Diagrams can be created using the aerial photos taken with a drone, and estimates and bids are calculated based on the design. Highly detailed blueprints can be created in a fraction of the time it used to take, giving customers a higher level of confidence and satisfaction.

The drone technology software is not merely a 2D scan. It can be used to examine other factors of the roofing system, such as peaks, ridges, valleys and pitch for an exact measurement. Oftentimes, these areas are hard to reach and difficult to measure accurately.

Helps the Homeowner See the Roof

The roof is a fundamental component of a house. It shelters inhabitants and valuables from the outside elements for protection and safety. Roofs can be costly to replace, and homeowners want to know where their money is going.

Before drones, homeowners had to rely on the descriptions and photos provided by roofing contractors, to comprehend their roof.  This gives homeowners a better understanding of the necessity of the roofing work.

The software available to roofing contractors allows the creation of detailed blueprints of what the new roof will look like.

Saves Time and Money

Traditional methods of roof inspection and design require workers to set up ladders to take measurements and assess roof conditions.

With drone technology, roofers use the images gained from the drone to create a more accurate estimate in less time. The time and resources saved means lower costs for both the roofing company and the homeowner.

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  2. Shammy Peterson May 18, 2022 at 2:12 am - Reply

    It sure was nice that you pointed out that drones have the ability to take pictures from above so you can exactly see the entire roof. This also makes me wonder how drones could help the mining and oil and gas industries. I could imagine how the use of drones could allow an industry owner to ensure that their operations are running smoothly and safely.

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